Shakti School of Bharatanatyam

Shakti School of Bharata Natyam is a premier institution of Bharata Natyam (Classical dance of Southern India) in Southern California. Artistic Director, Viji Prakash teaches the Thanjavur style of Bharata Natyam characterized by its grace and vigor. Founded in 1977, Viji has provided instruction to over 2000 students in the art form. Over 300 students have performed solo dance debuts Arangetram and have toured India and the USA as members of the Shakti Dance Company.

Classes range from beginner, intermediate and advanced and taught at four locations -(West LA, Valley, Torrance, Orange). Beginning students usually attend classes once a week, while intermediate and advanced students attend classes twice a week. Each class is one hour in duration. The Calendar Year at Shakti is divided into 2 quarters (Winter and Spring) and One semester (Fall).

Class Schedule

Summer Intensive & Annual Recitals

In addition to regular classes, students attend a rigorous Summer Intensive conducted by leading dancers and Master Teachers (Natyacharyas) during the summer months of July and August.

All students at Shakti participate in at least two dance recitals annually. Additional performances are usually planned for intermediate and advanced students.

The Shakti Orchestra comprising of professional musicians from India and the USA provide live accompaniment for all performances.

Teaching Assistants

Shakti teaches a diverse student body supporting the beginning student as well as those who have studied Bharata Natyam dance for many years. Key to the success of the school is our team of teaching assistants who have trained with Shakti for more than a decade and eager to extend their artistic reach.

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