The Naatucracker 2023


Photos/Video of the Performance

Thurs. Dec 21, 2023 @ 7 pm
Alex Theatre, Glendale, CA

Lavish & Exciting!

An exquisite blending of movement, drama and music, Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker is imagined as Naatucracker- The Dancing Nut, through the Bharata Natyam dance form of India.

Choreographer Viji Prakash places the Christmas story in a young girl’s imagination where horses fly, snowflakes dance, oceans sing, and sweet treats are magical!

Come and be amazed as 80 students from the Shakti school of Bharata Natyam take you on an enchanted and thrilling  journey with captivating choreography, elaborate hand gestures, facial expressions, rich costumes, unique sets, and original music score that is both Indian and global.