Shakti Annual Recital

James Armstrong Theatre 3330 Civic Center Drive, Torrance

The Shakti Annual Recital offers students the opportunity to work together as a class, learn new choreography with music, practice memorization techniques, follow directions, build confidence and share the important work they have developed that year!

Rath Yatra

Venice Beach, Los Angeles, CA

Shakti performs at the Annual Festival of Chariots (Rath Yatra).

Arangetram Season 2024

The word Aranga means raised stage. Etram means climbing. Arangetram means – reaching the stage. It is a rite of passage ceremony where the Guru presents her disciple to the public. After several years of training and preparation students perform a solo dance performance on stage for the public with live music accompaniment by master artists. The Arangetram celebrates a milestone in the students training in the dance and signals the beginning of a new chapter of discovery and deeper engagement in the artform.

Vijayadashmi Celebration

Vijayadashmi Festival honors Saraswati the Goddess of Learning and the Arts. The festival is celebrated in Sept/Oct. The students lovingly prepare to dance and celebrate together. This is the chance for family and friends to see senior shakti dancers, alumni, the youngest as well as brand new enrollments to the school are inaugurated. Joy, dance, and food bring the Shakti families together each year!